Is it necessary to send out Save-the-Date Invitations?

Is it necessary to send out Save-the-Date Invitations?

This is a frequently asked question by many. The answer is a little more complex as not one size fits all. Let’s delve into this topic more comprehensively.

In essence, a save-the-date invitation does not have RSVP details, is typically dispatched between 4 to six months before your event. They act as a friendly reminder to your guests regarding your upcoming special day, affording your guests ample time to decide. Within this article, we'll explore the reasons and timing behind sending these invitations, and we'll evaluate the pros and cons. This will assist you in making an informed decision about whether sending save-the-dates aligns with your plans.

Lets Explore the Pros of Save-the-Date Invitations

Naturally, you're eager to spread the word! Save-the-dates provide an excellent avenue for this. Below, we present five compelling reasons why incorporating a save-the-date into your invitation suite is an important decision.

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1.     Guests Receive Early Notification

You provide your guests with ample time to organize their calendars, ensuring their presence at your wedding. This is particularly beneficial for guests who reside out of town or families with children. Offering advance notice about the date, venue, time, and dress code makes it more convenient for them to plan vacations or family weekends. Sending save-the-date invitation also enables guests who live far away to identify potential scheduling conflicts, allowing them to make necessary arrangements proactively.

2.     Planning a Destination Event?

If your wedding or special event is set to take place at a destination, sending save-the-dates is highly recommended.

Some destination venues require guests to secure hotel reservations well in advance of the event date. In such cases, sending save-the-dates becomes particularly essential. Guests should ideally receive notice six to 12 months ahead of the event, allowing them to make flight and accommodation bookings as necessary.

However, if your event is not at a destination and you aim to provide notice, the need for a save-the-date invite depends on the proximity of your event.

If it's less than three months away, regardless of the venue type, sending save-the-dates is advisable. This ensures that everyone has sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements. Click HERE to view this destination animated video evite and more!

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3.     Clarifies and Consolidates your Guest List

Save-the-dates eliminate any ambiguity about who is invited to your event. This is more important with weddings. Address everyone by name to ensure there's no uncertainty about whether they can bring a plus one, children, or a date.

When guests have information about the date, dress code, and accommodation options, they can effectively plan around other commitments and make necessary arrangements to attend your wedding.

Save-the-dates serve as a preliminary announcement, allowing you to save time and money, as guests can prepare for the event without needing all the specific location or dress code details. Most importantly, it's a courteous way to inform your loved ones when you'll be celebrating this special moment with them, so don't hesitate to send out these notifications! Click HERE to view this trending minimalist digital save-the-date evite.

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4.     Save-the-Dates Create Cherished Keepsakes for your guests

Save-the-dates can add an official touch to your occasion and become cherished mementos that friends and family will treasure for years to come.

Sending a save-the-date serves as an official announcement of your special event or impending nuptials. It's a significant step towards the journey of matrimony with your special someone, and it brings excitement to both you and your loved ones. By sharing this news in advance, you're providing others with another chance to partake in this joyful celebration. Click HERE to view this digital save-the-date evite with photo and more!

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5.     Try Out Your Event or Wedding Theme

Save-the-dates provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with various themes and design elements before finalizing your event invitations. They offer a chance to play around, get creative, and determine which elements align best with your chosen theme, all without committing to the expense of a full invitation suite! While save-the-dates don't have to perfectly match your eventual invitations, it's a delightful bonus when they do! So have fun and get creative!

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Save-the-Date Drawbacks. Are there any?

While sending save-the-date invites has its benefits, it also has a few disadvantages. So let’s delve in!

1.     Can Be a Time-Consuming Process

Distributing save-the-dates demands a significant time buffer. It's essential to deliver them to your guests at least six months prior to your event, ensuring ample time for them to plan.

When you order save-the-dates from an online supplier, it typically takes approximately two weeks for them to process your photos and information before they can be shipped out. Consequently, you should aim for at least eight months of lead time to account for this processing period.

Given the potential for unforeseen developments between the six-month mark and your wedding day, it's unwise to procrastinate on ordering save-the-dates. Start the process well in advance to avoid any last-minute rushes. Or, you can choose to use digital save-the-dates which is cheaper, efficient and a lot quicker!

Click HERE to check out a range of animated video save-the-date invitations. Check out this video to see how easy it is to access, edit and share one of our save-the-date digital evites

2.     Save-the-Dates Can Add to Your Expenses

Consider sending save-the-dates only if they serve a crucial purpose in your event planning or align with modern wedding traditions. To reduce costs, contemplate alternatives like sharing an announcement on social media instead of mailing physical cards or opting for a digital save-the-date delivered via email, complete with images and event details. Click HERE to check out a range of visually stunning digital save-the-date invitations that cater for all taste and styles. Animated save-the-dates are quite captivating and will compel your guests to RSVP! Check them out HERE.


Ultimately, your special event or wedding reflects your preferences and comfort. Sending out save-the-date invites, saves time, helps you organise your event and more importantly, gives your family and friends a heads-up about your very special day. Whether you decide to use save-the-dates or not, follow your instincts and choose what aligns best with your vision and style. We're eager to hear your thoughts about this, so please do feel free to share your opinions in the comments below. Whatever you decide, have any AMAZING event!

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