Halloween Party Ideas!

Halloween Party Ideas!

Halloween is just around the corner, and we're excited to share some spooktacular ideas for your upcoming Halloween festivities!

As the temperatures drop and we usher in the fall season, it marks the beginning of the Holiday Season. It's the perfect chance to make the most of those costumes before the official trick-or-treating day arrives.

We've curated a selection of our favourite Halloween party themes suitable for various occasions, including Halloween Cocktail Parties, Trick or Treating adventures, Cocktail & Costume Parties, Pumpkin Themes, and everything else in between! Any excuse really to celebrate and have a fantastic time! Let’s delve in shall we?

1 - Fancy Halloween Party

Planning something fancy? Well now, this Dripping red Fancy Rosey Skull Halloween Digital Evite is sure to set the tone for your fanciful Halloween bash. It exudes elegance and fun. It will get your guests in the mood for some treat, fun, tricks, and games! Shop Now - Get This Evite at URCordiallyInvited Fancy Rose Skull Evite

fancy skull with roses red dripping halloween evite

2 - Children’s Halloween Party

Planning a kid’s Halloween party is the easiest and fun thing in the world! Children love to get involved. Get busy creating scary scarecrows, pumpkins and blowing up balloons! Gather all the little monsters for what is sure to be the spookiest and fun filled Halloween ever! This Gang of Monsters White Purple Themed Children’s Halloween Party Evite will set the tone for a non-too-scary, kids-friendly Halloween bash! Shop Now - Get This Evite at URCordiallyInvited Gang of Colourful Monsters White Purple Digital Evite

Gang of Monsters White Purple | Children's Halloween Party Evite

3 - Scary Halloween Party

Prepare to shock and astound your guests with a party theme that will send shivers down their spines! With this chilling concept, you can anticipate a spine-tingling spectacle, complete with lifelike animatronics, a horror show's intensity, and a menu that mimics various body parts. Brace yourself to detach your mental faculties from your stomach as you delve into this macabre culinary experience. This visually super horror scary Halloween video invite will set the perfect tone! Shop Now - Get This Evite at URCordiallyInvited Scary Neon Green Hollow Ghost

4 - Halloween Festival Party

Everyone adores a good festival, and a Halloween Festival is an ideal choice for a Halloween-themed birthday celebration, a Neighbourhood Halloween Block Party, or a larger gathering with your close-knit group of friends and beloved family. It's a fantastic way to ensure everyone, regardless of age, has an enjoyable and engaging time, filled with delightful carnival treats such as candy apples and a hot chocolate bar. To make it even more special, invite parents to contribute their favourite savoury appetizers, and set up a delightful treat stands. And, of course, don't forget to host a Costume Contest to crown the scariest and most creative costumes of the evening! This evite will set the perfect tone for your Halloween festival party. Shop Now - Get This Evite at URCordiallyInvited Wheel of Horror Halloween Video Invitation

Wheel of Horror | Halloween Party Video Invite

5 - Fancy Cocktails & Costumes Halloween Party

If you’re planning a fancy adult scary costumes and cocktails Halloween party, then this Halloween video invitation will set the scene for sure! Bright orange, flaming red hot cocktail glass with a menacing enigmatic skull in the background against a backdrop of fall leaves will get your guests in the mood for a night of naughty scary indulgent fun! Here’s one of the best Halloween cocktail recipes that will impress the taste bodes of your guests - Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail:

This crimson libation is, in essence, a berry-infused vodka martini, cleverly disguised as a wickedly eerie Halloween concoction. Take a sip, and you'll be greeted with a delightful blend of sweetness and tartness, culminating in a fruity berry flourish. Elevate its allure by adorning the rim with scarlet sugar, and if you desire an extra dose of theatrics, introduce a dry ice cube. Watch in awe as it effervesces and simmers, producing a continuous plume of enigmatic mist—making it an absolutely over-the-top and thrilling choice! Whether it's Halloween night or any occasion that craves a spooky sip, this cocktail delivers. Here’s are the ingredients:

  • Vodka
  • Chambord, a popular raspberry liqueur
  • 100% cranberry juice: make sure to buy unsweetened, not cranberry juice cocktail!
  • Lemon juice
  • Grenadine, a pomegranate-flavoured red cocktail syrup
  • Dry ice, optional (read all the safety information below first!)

Prepare this cocktail by giving the ingredients a vigorous shake, then strain the elixir into a stylish cocktail glass. Finally, add a generous chunk of dry ice as a captivating garnish. The mesmerizing spectacle of wispy smoke cascading into the air courtesy of the dry ice is, without a doubt, the pièce de résistance of this party trick.

Shop Now - Get This Evite at URCordiallyInvited Flaming Wine Glass Skull Costumes & Cocktails Halloween Party Video Invitation

Flaming Skull Costumes & Cocktails | Digital Halloween Party Invite

6 - Funny Halloween Party

People just loooooove to have fun right? Well nothing sets the tone better for your funny themed Halloween party, like this hilarious dancing skeleton Halloween video invite. The music, spooky haunted house background and funky dancing skeleton will have your guests in stitches of laughter and ready to carry on with the fun when they arrive at your party. Shop Now - Get This Halloween Video invitation at URCordiallyInvited Funny Dancing Skeleton Halloween Video Invite

Funny Dancing Skeleton | Halloween Party Video Invite

And that’s it, you’re all set for a riveting Halloween bash of the century! You now have 6 inspiring Halloween themes and ideas to kick off your creative fun juices!

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